Clients choose PHANOMEN/design because they’ve either heard of or experienced, first-hand, our reputation for dedication and integrity to fulfilling our clients’ objectives.

Our practice is tailored to each and every client to deliver creative, strategic and integrated solutions for the environments of those driven by excellence in a world of emerging opportunities.


Our process typically starts by obtaining a collaborative perspective with our clients to establish a careful determination of their needs. Design is a generative process of analysis, a synthesis, and of exploring the possibilities. There is no exact formulated approach to the truly creative design process. However, with the client’s vision and input we can, together, obtain an integrated structure well equipped to accommodate meaningful human activity.


With extensive involvement in aspects of both design and construction, we can also be collaborative team members; working as part of a multi-firm team or under a design/build arrangement where circumstances or client preference warrant.  Thus, contractor bidding, negotiation and project scheduling are often incorporated into our deliverables.  


Where do we get the ideas for our projects? The fact is, we find them within our clients who challenge us to seek out and extract the information required to fully understand their needs. Design is a process of research, experimentation and implementation, which can only be achieved through stepping into your world. Design solutions become obvious when the level of awareness is reached.


The ability to communicate effectively with the numerous disciplines related to project completion enables our clients to receive the most cohesive and efficient result possible. Innovative solutions often result from the collaboration of many trades working together toward the client’s goals.  Nothing is more satisfying than making the seemingly impossible come to life. To our clients, we’re solution finders, problem solvers, and trusted design partners.

Firm Brief

Loree O. Everette, President & Founder
Brent A. Roberts, Vice President of Architectural Services
XBE Certifications
Indiana State Certified Woman & Minority Owned Business



934 Fort Wayne Ave
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