Mehran Aghazadeh

Staff Artist/ Designer

    Mehran Aghazadeh holds a master's in architecture from Tehran University (Iran).  With over two decades of both interior design and architectural experience, Mehran has created award-winning projects which span the globe.  His artistic vision adds a highly unique perspective to the built environment.  In 2022, Mehran received an MFA in Visual and Performing Art through Purdue University's Electronic and Time-Based Art graduate program, recognized with the College of Liberal Arts Distinguished Master’s Creative Work Award.

    In his artistic practice, he has created socio-political projects that use light, sculpture, and time-based media to critically engage with traditional and contemporary aesthetics and politics. His work draws on his personal experience in society and urban space, as well as on existing traditional architectures and patterns. He is interested in social spaces and the relationship between visual culture, public space, and political power.  He particularly investigates the visual, architectural, and urban aspects of theocratic totalitarianism.

    Mehran has several exhibitions as well as public presentations in the Prospective 2022Symposium at the Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities, a2ru 2022 Annual Conference at the Universityof Michigan, and the Experimental Media Graduate Program at North Carolina State University. His research abstract coup d’état Reclaiming Form and Color has been published in the Leonardo Journal LABS.

    He won the Graduate Teaching Award from Purdue University Teaching Academy in 2022 forteaching new media art and foundational 3D design classes.  In addition to being valued member of the PHANOMEN team, he also currently teaches Design Principles at SNHU as adjunct faculty.

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