Leah N. Below


    Leah Below began her art education at the University of Toledo with a concentration in screen printing, then was drawn to Chicago where she finished her BFA in Interior Design at the Illinois Institute of Art- Chicago.  As Kurator, she leads efforts to select and procure all necessary furnishings, art, accessories, specialty lighting, unique finishes (custom murals, etc.) for PHANOMEN/design projects.   Her work at PHANOMEN includes Modita at Bottleworks and Ruth’s Chris Wildhorse in Chesterfield, MO.  

    Leah’s experience transcends the traditional boundaries of design, as the former proprietor and lead designer for boutique upholsterer, RWR.  Her art can also be spotted on the merchandise and album art of quite a few local musicians.

    In her personal time, Leah is tackling her most encompassing project; her Old Northside Victorian home. After years of remodeling, she has cultivated a delicate balance between the ornate charm of the past and the functionality of modern design - stained glass windows, pieces from local artists, and reupholstered thrifted furniture air side by side in her labor of love and vintage.”

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