Yu Zhang

Graduate Architect

    Yu Zhang is a graduate architect at PHANOMEN/design and adjunct professor at IUPUI with work ranging from locally celebrated restaurants/bars, e.g. Livery Indy, to projects for distinguished institutions such as the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfileds.

    Recognized at the AIA Cleveland’s Design Awards, Yu’s work in (post)digital image and representation is heavily influenced by contemporary design discourse and the renewed interest in architecture aesthetics. This is reflected both in his pedagogical ideals and in everyday practice with a focused on visuals and imagery as primary generator for design.

    This intersection of academia and professional work has also led to opportunities to be on diverse teams. As part of these teams, Yu has been responsible for the re-imagining of classic typologies into new vibrant environments and novel forms for projects such as the Wonder School and the Martin Luther King Jr. Library in Cleveland.

    Yu is a firm believer that design can simultaneously lend to distinct phenomenological realities while successfully engaging the necessities of the public and the client.

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